About Me

I am an assistant professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I began my career as a product engineer and later became the Director of the Digital Media Center at the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

A specialist in user experience (UX), digital media and internet technologies, I actively consult and teach in these areas. I have over 15 years expertise in technical consulting, curriculum development, and skills training. 

My Research

I study systems, human systems such as users, teams, and groups as they go about working/playing/studying in their various contexts and to create technical and social interventions that assist in improving performance in and for these systems. I employ qualitative and quantitative research methods, such as interviews, quantitative content analysis, and surveys in order to analyze systems and experience. Essentially, as a technical communicator, my aim is to improve communication successes. For example, my published and in-progress projects examine leadership theory to better aid participants in working in novel environments, evaluate the types of toxic online behavior that most impact collaboration, observe the types of team sharing that improve team performance, and examine how users plan and deploy technology and digital tools to their benefit. To make this happen, I employ my technical expertise and experiences in usability, user experience, and digital media to study collaborative systems often working with researchers from a variety of disciplines.

 My Titles

  • Assistant Professor in Technical Writing and New Media at UAH
  • Facilitator of the VUE lab — the evaluation and user experience  (UX) lab

Work with us…

We are actively recruiting students (undergrads and graduate) to work in the VUElab. Check out some of the research at the lab and contact me if you are interested.

Get in touch…

Email me at joy DOT robinson AT uah DOT ed