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Welcome to my portfolio.

Joy Robinson is an assistant professor and UX professional currently teaching at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Joy also runs the VUElab–a user experience and social science research lab. Found out more about my experience and projects by visiting tabs in the top menu.

For questions about my work in the academy, visit my Academic Portfolio.

If you would like me to speak at an event, give a talk, or run a workshop please email me.

Joy Robinson’s talk this afternoon was insightful, innovative and perfect for the audience in the room. I’m looking forward to reading the (forthcoming) research projects she described for us! ⁦@njoying⁩

I just started a slack workspace for UX Educators. If you teach future generations of UXers (or maybe you help put together the curriculum) we would love to have you join our Slack community: #UX #Educators #uxedu

Risk: To achieve “herd immunity" (that is, protecting even those who are not vaccinated), a population must reach a 93-95% immunity rate. Check NYC's mandate to vaccinate all those unimmunized for measles. @NPR

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