Instances with Nemu | Piotr Krzyzek

Another day, another death. Seems that every time I log onto WoW I meet a horrible death at some point. Today adventure had me traveling a little bit before following Nemu down into the Stockades.
Mind you, I had no idea what the Stockades were … or so I thought. Once we got there I remembered the area all too well. Back when I was still a youngin druid, a nice warrior Noremorse helped me through the area. He being a lvl 70 warrior had no problems at all plowing through the whole thing. I just happened that I got a bit too curious and stuck my Cat form nose where it shouldn’t have been and got killed several times with him helping me!

Thankfully today wasn’t that bad. Nor was it a nice massacre like last time (with the warrior). Though it was very pleasing to get rid of every single darn bandit in the dungeon. Problems arose near the end when there was one add after another! Nemu was running out of mana faster than it could be replenished and I was running low on mana as well. Soon, after 10 bandits came at us at once, I fell to their daggers. Though, not without taking out 9 of them first! Nemu was spared by a freeze spell. And then took care of the bandit after I was gone.

Not to worry, a short wisp trip later I was back in the instance! Soon afterwards Nemu and I finished cleaning up the place with a few fireballs and druid magic. The good part of all of this, since I was over the level limit to get any exp … some of the dropped items are sellable. That got me a pretty penny or two. I wish I got more though. I still owe a friend 15gold and then there are new items to buy, druid spells to learn …. eh, so hard to make monies these days.

Oh well. It was a good night of random killing with Nemu. Hopefully we can get the whole troop together someday and all to go one. Or a raid. Raids are always fun!

And with that, this is Larran saying goodnight: Goodnight!

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