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Everyone knows that WoW has a great modable interface. You can change everything in the UI to suit your needs and wants. Some people prefer something crazy with a lot of buttons, other’s prefer a more civilized clean approach. For the clean approach, you’re in good hands. Being with computers for a good while you get to know good and bad interfaces, thus developing your own inclinations for what is usable and what is not. Final Fantasy 11 Online (FFXI) for example has a very gorgeous, clean and simple interface that ‘just works’ though sadly it isn’t modable (without breaking a few service agreements). Coming from a background of FF, I much rather prefer the simple things in UI’s.
Clean does not have to mean not-complex. Using a few UI mods, you’re able to make it complex and deep while still keeping it good looking. So what do I use for that?I primarily use parts of three different mods. Why parts? Simple: I don’t need every part of every mod. Use what you need/want and leave the rest behind. Also, many mods look a bit different but do the same thing … so no need for redundancy. So, mods used by me (Larran):

  • Cosmos UI
  • Titan Panel
  • CTMod

More on what each one does and what I did to get a clean interface from each in another post!

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