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Why do people play MMO games? Simple: they are MASSIVE and MULTIPLAYER and ONLINE games. So you interact with people and friends from the comfort of your own pajamas. Trouble is, there are some nut jobs who prefer solo play (and single player games) such as myself.  So there I am, in a huge MMORPG playing alone. I don’t get it, but it’s what I prefer. Must be a commitment issue thing <shrug>.
Jumping back into the World of Warcraft I found myself in the midst of some angry looking ogres … again. Lady Luck was on my side as I managed to bravely run away. Not wanting to waste time I trotted along quickly to Refuge Point to complete an outstanding quest.

Once there a spiffy little fellow informed me of the battlegrounds fights. I decided to finally try my hand at that and see how well I faired. Well, to make a long story short: we lost … many times. The horde always seemed more collaborated than the alliance. Several times we came close but never good enough. Organizing a bunch of Alliance was harder than getting three small kids to sit still, and those of you who are parents know how hard ‘that’ is.

By the end of the battle grounds day for me, I racked up a whopping 700 honor. To be honest, I have no clue whether that is good or bad. But it’s a heck of a lot more than when I started so I’ll take it as a good thing. Being near the top of the boards in each BG helped I think. And by near the top I mean right in the middle.

BG’s got annoying after loosing so many times I decided to try my hand at questing. And what do you know, questing gives a heck of a lot more exp than one on one with mobs. Who would have guessed?! Much easier and safer too. Seems I die a lot less when doing those silly quests than when I farm for random things that give decent exp. One strange note though, quest somehow always give the crappiest gear! I mean, I complete a level 40 quest as a level 37 and all I get is a sword that I can’t even use because I’m a druid! How useless is that? And I can’t even sell it at the auction house because it’s soulbound at pickup. Grrr. At least the darn npc’s buy most of the stuff.

What it interesting though, is that even though solo questing is much harder … you do gain a lot more experience. I don’t mean EXP, I mean a deeper knowledge of how things work. See, as a group you can mostly just plow through everything. Solo, you have to think of new strategies and interesting ways to get to your goal. Sometimes it’s easy when all you have to do is sneak past a few guards. Other times you have to be creative in how to deploy your guerrilla warfare … shrinking their numbers and increasing your odds. Not only can solo action be tricker and more mind challenging, you don’t have to deal with “others” whom may not do exactly what you want or not be up to par with how things work.

Hopefully I’ll be partying with more people soon as I get more into BG’s and when our little group here all level together.

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  1. I like to solo as well. Sizemore keeps yelling at me to join a group =p

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