Long time since last post..

Ok..so I’ve been incognito from the blog for a bit. Therefore, I have lot of stuff to ramble on about. Here is the list, then maybe I will get to it all.

  • Blogging software
  • 8yr old tanks
  • terminology in WOW
  • on being 27
  • life as a cat
  • playing nice with others
  • VCs and BGs
  • XP in WOW and XP inworld
  • Next steps
  • Times for play

Ok, there it is.. Let me get started. I will separate these I suspect, so my fellow colleagues can reply to only the areas that interest them.

Blogging software

I’m not digging WordPress. A friend mentioned moving over to MarsEdit. Said we could blog while away from the computer. That so appeals to me! Me with my iPhone and all.. and on the train for 2 hrs a day. That might work out really well. I already know of 1 blog post, never made it hear. I did it in Word, while disconnected and that is where it stayed. So this is my appeal to the geeks of the world for comment and possible conversion.

– Let’s move into a product that suites us best. The road junkies and movers and shakers that we are.


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