Nemu Returns

Hi all,  Nemutai here again. Sorry for taking so long to post again. A lot has happened since my last post. Anyhow, my adventures up to level 38 have left me rather poor. I had a total of 15 gold, and it seemed I would not get anywhere near the 90 gold I need for my mount. Well, things could not just stay the way they are, so I re-incarnated… as Nemuneko, a Paladin.

Well, the first thing I noticed is that I can usually take 2 enemies of my level down fairly easily – something not always possible with the Nemutai. The second thing I noticed is that traveling is a pain in the butt compared to a mage. Before I could always do a quick port to one of the main cities when I needed it. Now I have to take the griffon express to where I want to go. Not fun.

Being a Pali is so terribly cheap. For the most part, I take so much more hits than a mage. All this beefy armor makes me rather powerful. Also, I can heal, further enabling me to smite my foes by outlasting them. Did I mention 8-second invulnerability? No? Well I have that too.  And I can revive players – unlike druids, who have a 30 minute cool-down, I can cast as often and quickly as I want. The one area I am sort of lacking is dps – but I palis more than make up for that by lack of down time. It takes so little time for me to get back in the game I don’t even bother with food and water. There’s no point. Resting for a few seconds restores all my stats, and I have a permanent boost to my stats (as long as I don’t die, I don’t need to recast the boost.) And since I can easily kill things (with the right equipment) a few levels above mine, I can do quests faster than my mage counterpart. I reached level 31 with very little trouble.

As for money, I learned two valuable professions: mining and skinning. And it has paid off. At level 31, I have 150+ gold. To compare, my silly mage only has 15 gold at level 38. I have been most profitable. Also, I hear that palis get their mount for free, so that saves me 90g that my mage will need when she reaches level 40.

I also learned that there a secondary professions. I thought cooking, first aid, and fishing were skills I could only learn at the expense of my two precious skill slots (for mining and skinning) Little did I know that they are actually support skills that can be learned for free. So I’ve been leveling those. Fishing is really boring though. Cooking is a blast, but I have to get it up to where I am at in the game. First aid is useful, but God, it uses a lot of linen.

One of my more interesting runs was in the Raptor mines in the wetland. 2 veins of iron there, and most of the enemies drop heavy leather when I skin them. I do stuff like this in my spare time when saving stuff for the auction house, and also when the silly horde are spawn killing everyone in a poorly defended alliance outpost – like the rebel camp near booty bay.

Heck, palis are so cheap, I even beat an elite (mor’galim or whatever his name is) at level 29. A level 30 elite done in by my level 29 paladin! Sooo cheap. My mage had to be level 34-36 to beat him. Or in a group. Palis are cheap. Let me rephrase that: palis are so damn cheap. But it’s okay, since I’m playing the class. I have another project coming in, so it’ll probably take me a while to get to level 40, but I do plan to play more often. And maybe blog a bit more often. Well, in the next few levels I’ll concentrate on making my Pali a dps build. Sizy told me that I messed up on a few talent points, so I have to get back on track. But I’ll be doing more damage than ever at that point.

Well, Nemutai/neko out.

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  1. Oh, and I hear in the next update of WoW palidans will learn stealth, gain great dps spells, have double the mp/hp of other builds, and will gain credit and xp from every kill that occurs in the same area that they are in. -_- Plus, each hit they do nets them one silver. And yes, this will include each hit on the kills they get credit for.

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