MarsEDIT!! and more

Hey everyone…
Now that I am not working on work, I will try to update the blog stuff. Piotr has updated the wordpress so it stops yelling about needing an update, AND I have installed MarsEdit. This little app promises to let me blog, WHILE NOT ONLINE. Sure I know what you are thinking.. Well DUH, why dont you just use WORD (or similar) and post it later when you connect. I thought the same thing. I been blogging on the train..LOL. But where does it end up, you ask. Well no where. It stayed stuck on my laptop like all the other lost files. So in an effort to prevent that, I have installed this nifty little MarsEdit. AND this is my first, offline post.

Perhaps now I will blog more frequently. As of course only time will tell. Now to the Nitty Gritty.

The list now..

-Leveling up
-strategy in BG

and stuff from before

-Blogging software
-terminology in WOW
-on being 27
-life as a cat
-playing nice with others
-VCs and BGs
-XP in WOW and XP inworld
-Next steps
-Times for play

SO..Leatherworking it is..

Ok, so I spent a sum of money to get leveled up on LW. It worked. I got to level 225 and then had to wait to get to Level 35 so I could get the next grade. Artisan I think it is. Now, at level 229 I find myself at a sticking point. Wild LW in one term!! There are quests to get from a small town off the cost of Feralas. Well I got the flight point and thought I was home free. Or so I thought..

I dropped another wad of cash for some thick leather to make the things for the quest in order to level some more. Until I got to the TURTLE SCALE GLOVES!!!!! You might be asking, so… Well I need to make 2 TSGs and 2 Turtle Scale Brestplates. Breastplates went fine. After milling around the AH I finally scored enough turtle scale to open my own amphibian weight watchers. Thinking I had everything in place I fly back to the island, turtle scale in hand to turn in the quest. I arrive at the quest-giver and am planning to purchase the last bit of thread and whatnot for the item. I go to pull up the pattern AND hmmm.. I don’t have it. Ok..there must be some mistake. Im supposed to turn in 2TSGs AND 2TSBs. I take a look again and I have a pattern for turtle scale breastplates and a pattern for… turtle scale bracers!!! WTF… where is the one for turtle scale gloves? I hit the internet to find out. Perhaps it was an oversight, maybe I should have got the pattern back in town. Then I read that the tribal leatherworking guy, is supposed to sell me that pattern. Ok great :-). Im right here. I check his wares.. and NO PATTERN. Hmmm.. I close and check again. nothing.. I walk around talk to other NPCs, hide from the hordies.. and check again. Nothing. Well I make something else and buy something from him. Check again, nothing. I check another 20 times in a row.. NOTHING. I stop poking the guy (one more “Hello How are You” and Im gonna go postal) and read some more. Some poor blokes have waited for HOURS for this asshole to cough up the pattern.. and NOTHING; others simply gave up and never got it. Ok… well I think I will orb back and try again another day. (A 20min flight mind you). Day 2, nothing. Day 3, nothing. JEEZE!!! At the AH, I see the stupid TSGs for sale, 1 pair. I buy them and rush back to the island asshole. Still nothing!!!ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! I wait 30mins checking for the pattern, and he finally shows me a pattern for basket-#$!#%!! weaving!!!! I know that already, WTF. Where is the one for the stupid gloves!! Day 4 another flight and another nothing.. And now we are all caught up. Still no gloves. I still have lots of turtle scale (thinking of cornering the market), and 2TSBs and 1TSG (from AH). But unless someone takes pity, I will be without the wild LW skills, but not before I turn to HORDE and come back and waste that smug asshole on that tiny little island. Selling a load of promise, but no Freaking Patterns of TSGs.


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