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So after much ado, I finally send in a Draft proposal for review.

In the meanwhile, I had to do some more thinking about using Wow. I have finally come to grips with the fact, that there is not enough time in the day to be an expert in Wow. So, I have a friend and potentially friends, who will need to suffice.

The other day I shot him a host of questions and a recap. I have re-posted some here:

As you might recall, I plan to have 2 teams doing 5 raid instances. I will need to put out some feelers to find the participants; I think I need at least 25 participants (with hopefully toons each to qualify). I am only looking at  the 10ppl raids. 

I will pay/arrange to have 2 applicable toons (per person) ported to the correct faction and server for the 6 week duration (and back). But, I need some criteria to make sure the teams are balanced by 1) the needs of the raid and 2)  the needs of the study. 


  1. What is the maximum level of participants in a raid, ie. Can you take 11 on a 10 person raid? 
  2. What websites and in what locations should I post on to find participants?
  3. How much do you think a reasonable incentive is?  I was thinking of a free year of play and the port there and back. Or do I need to sponsor 2 years?
  4. At what level of raid completion should be the minimum requirement for participation in the study be? For example, should the relevant toon have completed TOC and ICC in normal before you are applicable. Then the study would be across 5 dungeons (1 week at at time): BD, BOT, TFW, FL, DS with some mixture between normal and heroic levels.
  5. Is there a tool that you know about that will help select a balanced raid team from a list of toons. For example, just how are the warriors spec’s. Is the mage, frost or other. If I have an undead DK with a specific dual spec, what warrior and spec be a compliment?

Also, I have proposed adding a battleground component where teams would compete 3 or 4 times. The BGs take a varying number of people as shown below. Now that they are rated and you can play as either faction, I can make sure the teams compete together. After 3 of the smaller BGs head-to-head, they would then group together to do IoC or AV.

  1. What do you know about the newer BGs? I need to understand the tasks and level of difficulty etc. each team performs in each.
    Warsong Gulch 10
    Arathi Basin 15
    Eye of storm 15
    Strand of the ancients 15
    Battle for Gilneas 10
    Twin Peaks (?)
    Isle of conquest 40
    Alterec valley 40

Anyone feel free to add comments..

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