Lone Rider | Piotr Krzyzek

Why do people play MMO games? Simple: they are MASSIVE and MULTIPLAYER and ONLINE games. So you interact with people and friends from the comfort of your own pajamas. Trouble is, there are some nut jobs who prefer solo play (and single player games) such as myself.  So there I am, in a huge MMORPG […]

WoW Addons | Piotr Krzyzek

Everyone knows that WoW has a great modable interface. You can change everything in the UI to suit your needs and wants. Some people prefer something crazy with a lot of buttons, other’s prefer a more civilized clean approach. For the clean approach, you’re in good hands. Being with computers for a good while you […]

Instances with Nemu | Piotr Krzyzek

Another day, another death. Seems that every time I log onto WoW I meet a horrible death at some point. Today adventure had me traveling a little bit before following Nemu down into the Stockades. Mind you, I had no idea what the Stockades were … or so I thought. Once we got there I […]