Dataviz and flying cars…

It has been a little while since I last posted, work, life, house and all that– or as my students would say “Adulting”. Anyway recently I came upon a technology issue (well multiple, but I will limit the note to just one), that seems to be addressed or even discussed in only a limited fashion. The issue is […]

Drafts and Google docs

Google docs and DRIVE AND DRAFTS, oh my! I use Goole docs extensively in my research and teaching. In fact, since I use Google sites to house my course webs, one might say, and correctly so, that my entire class is in the “cloud”. That said, many student’s wrote last week about how great google […]

Wondering about technology training…

It has been a long time since I decided to post something here on my blog. Well since it is getting new digs, it seems proper to post something now. I’d like to comment on a couple of things. First the research on instructors that are in fields of communication and writing is currently under analysis. […]

Contextualizing Toxic Talk in Games

Just wrapped up another great C&W talk. Below is the synopsis of the talk and attached are the slides.  Games provide a virtual space where ordinary people can play out their richest fantasies of saving princesses, conquering kingdoms, defeating champions or simply just relaxing in the mindless movements accompanied by organizing candy squares.  

Virtual Worlds: The communities among us

When many of us think of virtual worlds they think of working in or doing things in them, or perhaps in some instances creating things in them. In 2009, there were over 579 million subscribers to virtual worlds (Keegan, 2009) doing things, building things, experiencing things, and playing games. Virtual worlds are computer constructs that […]