Tsquare Angst – Part 2 : Grading and Assignments

As we already know from a previous post; Tsquare is quite a handful. But some short tips will hopefully help to alleviate some of the angst. This week, I will be discussing 2 of the most useful areas (tools) in Tsquare: gradebook and assignments.  Unfortunately, these 2 tools are probably the most confusing in Tsquare, possibly because […]

Tsquare Angst – Part 1

Our beloved T-square is quite a handful. But like every complex system, some of the confusion is related to perspective. We expect Tsquare to be easy to use and easy to figure out how to use, well that is just not the case.  In this case, we need to look at some of the basic instructions to be able to […]

A case for Scrivener

A colleague recently asked me about my use of this software and I promised to put some things into writing. As the software is relatively complex and flexible, I want to limit my comments to my usage of this awesome software. Please note also, this was a relatively long journey, thus I will try to tell the […]

Visualization assignments in TechComm

One of the more important needs for the 21 century information worker is the ability to turn data into information. This means using visuals (charts, graphics, images, etc.) to correctly, appropriately, and ethically represent and describe data. Once the information is constructed it can be used in documents and other communication products; reports, proposals, presentations, […]