Making the Gold

So after extensive conversations with Sang.. I have a grip on how much money you need in this game to say.. be "rich". Mounts at 16k, various items easily starting at 10k. And me only getting about 50g a day, wow I need a new strategy. Farming is far too slow. With that I can […]

At 70 finally

As luck would have it a new patch came out. It allowed 60 punks to get a flying mount. Of course, I was as 68 punk so I was ecstatic about the news. fly above it all, away from the peons with only walking shoes or bleating horses. Then came the bad news. The […]

Getting to 70..

Now I am back questing, and I have a new goal. I have been playing my DK on Sagaras server for a while now. Its level 68 (they start at level 58+) and I am trying to get to 70. I have only 2 more levels to go, but some minor issues continue to plague […]

Missing WOW

Alright I have a new laptop now. I promise this weekend to get my WOW back on. Especially with my new knight, Splinterjoy. She is wayaa awesome. And now I hear you can make more knights in other servers. I can’t wait. As soon as work, school, life slows down. LOL. Yeah right! Powered by […]

Back in the Saddle Again

Well it has been some time since I last added to our conversation about WOW. Since then new classes have been added and lots of new areas quests and what not. As a result I dont know where to begin. So right now, I think I will just say  WOW about WOW. More later..