Getting lots of gold

Ok, so next topic. I have over 150gp at level 36. I had over 80gp at about 30. I am steadily ramping it up. And oh, I am not a warrior or pally that can barge into places kill everything and everyone loot all the gold. I do not mine and herb gather. I am […]

MarsEDIT!! and more

Hey everyone… Now that I am not working on work, I will try to update the blog stuff. Piotr has updated the wordpress so it stops yelling about needing an update, AND I have installed MarsEdit. This little app promises to let me blog, WHILE NOT ONLINE. Sure I know what you are thinking.. Well […]

Nemu Returns

Hi all,  Nemutai here again. Sorry for taking so long to post again. A lot has happened since my last post. Anyhow, my adventures up to level 38 have left me rather poor. I had a total of 15 gold, and it seemed I would not get anywhere near the 90 gold I need for […]

8yr old tanks

Well unlike Larren, Njoying is a gregarious, wanna-be-in-a-group-so-she-dont-get-wasted-every-10min kinda girl. At level 27, I still get the 2 hit beat down while running through the uncontested areas. So, I partner up! I met this L27 Pally – Nas. He was running around with a bunch of other groups I was hanging with, doing multiple dungeons […]