Sunday’s Bundle of Trouble

Nemutai here. It’s been a bit since my last post. I’ve been working hard to make my name known to all of Azeroth. I finally learned teleport to Stormwind and Ironforge, though I have to be level 40 to learn to make a portal. I have discovered several places where big raids can take place […]

Nemutai’s Thursday Adventure

Well, today I got a lot done. What I failed to mention was that last time, my net worth was 2 gold. It took a while to get those gold coins, but I somehow made it. Anyhow, since I started out at Stormwind, I went and checked for spells. I got this cool ghostbuster quest, […]

Nemutai’s Wednesday Adventure

Yesterday I found myself back in the World of Warcraft. Since Larran was not around, I decided to continue my questing on my own. The first thing I did was explore the West of Elwynn Forest. I was asked (rather rudely, I thought) to kill some Gnolls. So, with my fireball spell in tow, I […]

Trials and Tribbulations

Ok.. Getting on WOW is proving more difficult than installing W2k server..LOL. After finally getting an handsome machine built by my colleague I thought I was ready to kick some virtual arse. I ran right out and got a keyboard (with lit keys) and a head set. I forgot the mouse, but that is what […]