Into the World of Warcraft

Part 1: Sunday Night Into the World of Warcraft -or- Ken Iz havz moniez plz? kthnxbai After returning from target with my goods and a good 55 silver poorer, I set out to install this mythical world onto my old Dell. After jumping through a few hoops to activate my account, I set out to […]

Line up of the Avatars of Doom

Okay, here is my avatar information for anyone trying to find me in either of the programs. Everyone might as well add their own in the contents so that we have a standard post we can look up each other in. If you create multiple characters, be certain to edit your posts here. (Or just […]

WoW meeting, Tuesday 15th 2008.

It’s time for the gaming (and random slaughtering of course) to begin in World of Warcraft. So start your engines. We will be playing on the Sargeras server. It is a highly populated PvP server so be prepared for annoying 13 year olds with nothing better to do than to script-kiddie their way through. Though […]