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Research and UX

Summary: Managed/conducted various social science research projects. Co-authored/published 10+ articles on UX research methods and practice, innovative teaching pedagogy, and collaboration in peer-reviewed journals. Designed and managed multiple research projects leveraging human-centered research methods. Founded and managed the UX lab at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

  • Responsible for formulating research questions and hypotheses aimed at understanding the underlying design or research problems.
  • Skilled in planning, coordinating, designing, and facilitating data gathered using various research protocols and methods in diverse research areas such as collaboration and communication, interfaces, and language.
  • Leveraged a wide range of user research methods including surveys, observations, card sorts, focus groups, interviews, and usability testing to obtain user feedback, understand complex phenomenon, or unravel work practices.
  • Made prototypes and conducted usability testing, A/B testing, interviews, eye tracking, and heart rate monitoring in formal, informal, and remote testing settings. 
  • Co-developed assessment processes for departments, programs, and grants needed for successful accreditation and to satisfy funding assessment. 
  • Experienced translating research results into actionable recommendations and in presenting results in various formats (e.g., written reports, presentations, data visualizations, and highlight videos) to all levels of audiences. 
  • Serves as experienced advocate for UCD practices throughout the design lifecycle, recommending research protocols and methods to answer specific research questions, and requesting/gaining approval through university IRB.


Summary: Developed and taught undergraduate, graduate, and online classes in technical communication and UX and when, where, and how to deploy UCD methods including persona creation, card sorts, usability testing, contextual inquiry, focus groups, interviews, and surveys.

  • Developed and deployed formative course evaluations to identify student pain points and needs; used the results to inform my teaching and improved student satisfaction.
  • Developed, produced, and conducted technical writing and UX training for corporate, government and industry clients. 
  • Crafted instruction guides, video lectures, and other diverse learning materials about complex topics such as understanding audiences, web design, critical thinking, infographics, and data visualization. 
  • Solicited and worked with local industry and government faculty of different disciplines (such as engineering, computer science, nursing) to identify and select real-world projects for use in the classroom and create innovative collaborative learning opportunities for students.
  • Negotiated with school/departments to create, develop, and introduce new programs including a Masters UX certificate, a Writing certificate, and an online Freshmen seminar course.


  • Responsible for incorporating the Digital Media Center (IIT) as a fully functioning department within the university with a yearly budget of over $100,000. Supervised and provided technology leadership to over 60 diverse staff to administer technology literacy, technical support, and academic enrichment programs for youth, college students, and senior citizens.
  • Hand-picked for my expertise to conceptualize and co-administer a $2 million private and public-funded technology outreach program with responsibilities for strategic planning, community development, and managing internal and external technology and human resources.
  • Managed multiple technology programs and community labs that supported over 2500 Chicago community clients (teachers, students, community members) aimed at improving technology literacy.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Developed and participated on over ten (10) advisory boards, councils, and committees comprised of industry, community and academia representatives to leverage and coordinate financial, technology and academic resources for various organizations.
  • Strong verbal, written, and problem solving skills; comfortable communicating and collaborating in virtual, remote, and face-to-face contexts to large and small groups. 
  • Expert document writer of standard operating procedures, protocols, instructions, policies, and grants in production and academic environments.
  • Great with conceptualizing complex concepts into graphics. 
  • Skilled communicating to and working with diverse audiences of designers, engineers, technologists, managers, and executives at all project stages.