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Research Snapshot

Recent articles

Robinson, J., Dusenberry, L., Hutter, L., Lawrence, L., Frazee, A., and Burnett, R. (forthcoming – Fall 2019). State of the Field: Teaching with Digital Tools in Writing and Communication. Computers and Composition.

Robinson, J. & Lanius, C. (2018). A Geographic and Disciplinary Examination of UX Empirical Research Since 2000,  ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC ’18), 2018 ACM International, 1-8,

Robinson, J., Weber, R., and Lanius, L. (2017). Mapping the Route: How Academic and Programmatic Research Informed New UX Programs Presenters. Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC), 2017 Conference Proceedings. Savannah, GA.

Robinson, J., Lanius, C., and Weber, R. (2017). The Past, Present, and Future of UX ResearchCommunication Design Quarterly, (5)3.

Butler, J., Cirio, J., Del Hierro, V., Gonzales, L., Robinson, J., and Haas, A. (2017). Caring for the Future: Initiatives for Further Inclusion in Computers and WritingKairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 22(1).

Robinson, J., Dusenberry. L., Lawrence, H., and Hutter., L., (2016) Collaborative Strategies for Distributed Teams: Innovation through Interlaced Collaborative WritingProfessional Communication Conference (IPCC), 2016 IEEE International, 1-9. 10.1109/IPCC.2016.7740489.

Robinson, J. (2016). Look Before You Lead: Seeing Virtual Teams Through the Lens of GamesTechnicalCommunication Quarterly Special Issue, 25(3), 178-190. 10.1080/10572252.2016.118515.

Dusenberry, L., Hutter, L., and Robinson, J. (2015). Filter. Remix. Make: Cultivating Adaptability Through MultimodalityJournal of Technical Writing and Communication, 45(3), 299-322.

Manuscripts Under Review

  1. Cooke, L., Robinson, J. and Dusenberry, L. (Under review). Gaming Design Thinking: Wicked Problems, Sufficient Solutions, and the Possibility Space of Games, Technical Communication Quarterly. Manuscript accepted – in the 2nd round of revisions.
  2. Robinson, J. & Lawrence, H. (Under review). Don’t be an A$$: Examining Rude Language Behaviors in GamesCommunication Design Quarterly. Under revise and resubmit.
  3. Robinson, J., Lanius, C., and Weber, R. (2020). User Experience Methods in Research and Practice, Manuscript proposal accepted to JTWC special edition 2020. 
  4. Robinson, J. (Forthcoming 2020) Useful Usability in an Introductory Technical Communication Course: An Extended Case Study. 1st Annual Louisiana Tech Usability Studies Symposium (LaTUSS 2019) Yearbook Edited Collection.

Invited Talks


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