Hello World > New Joy Robinson Portal Announced

After a few days of planning and scratching it all together, I think I
have finally have a reasonably unified web presence That is not to say
that there are not still some internet breadcrumbs scattered and lost
during the shuffle. But, for once in a long time, most of them might
finally all be accessed via a single portal.

Yes, there is more to add, but I can migrate that or create that over time.
So as a recap, here is how it is all setup.

Joyrobinson.com >> portal (using Square 6)

Then at a couple of subdomains:

  • research.joyrobinson.com
  • teaching.joyrobinson.com (this one is not quite working correctly)

The 2 subdomains above have many separate pages related to the topic.
Research is hosted at square 5 (like the main site) and teaching is hosted
at google sites.

Overall, I am pleased with the design. I will continue to tweak it as time
goes on. One thing I am thinking of is an Active teaching location, where
all my current courses could be found. Right now, they are just all shoved
into the teaching portfolio.

And of course, the personal stuff. Well that is a bit buried I could do
more to fix that small section. Right now it falls under the “about me” as
a single page. And perhaps, that will be enough. I guess really only time
will tell.

Now its probably time to back the whole thing up. 🙂

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