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VUE lab

The eValuation and User Experience (VUE) Lab is a dedicated interdisciplinary space for user experience (UX) research, learning, collaboration, design, and evaluation. The lab supports research into understanding users and human emotional responses to services, products, and processes. The VUElab ( is free and available for faculty and graduate student use.

VUElab biometrics research

VUE Lab History

I started the lab in 2017 by securing the physical space and receiving small grants from the English department, the Comm Arts department, and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSS). The users booking the lab are mostly faculty (58%), some graduate students (34%) and a few staff members (8%) performing either research, holding meetings, conducting class, or taking tours of the equipment. The lab currently supports a series of ongoing research projects from other AHSS faculty, lab personnel, and the past and upcoming undergraduate research students.

VUE Lab Research

The list of publications with acknowledgments for the VUE lab is as follows:

Student posters

  • Summer 2018 – Effects of Social Media Withdrawal on College Students – Terry, A. & Robinson, J.
  • Summer 2018 – Sentiment in Situ: Measuring Automated Sentiment Analysis in the Native Language Zoe Torres, Z. & Lanius, C.

Lab based articles (published)

  • Robinson, J. & Lanius, C. (2018). A Geographic and Disciplinary Examination of UX Empirical Research Since 2000, ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC ’18), 2018 ACM International, 1-8,
  • Robinson, J., Weber, R., and Lanius, L. (2017). Mapping the Route: How Academic and Programmatic Research Informed New UX Programs Presenters. Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC), 2017 Conference Proceedings. Savannah, GA.
  • Robinson, J., Lanius, C., and Weber, R. (2017). The Past, Present, and Future of UX Research. Communication Design Quarterly, (5)3.

Research articles (forthcoming)

  • Social Media Addiction: Anger, Worthlessness, Isolation, and Judgment In College Students. Manuscript in preparation with anticipated submission to CHB Summer 2019- Lanius, C., Robinson, J., and Terry, A.
  • User Experience Methods in Research and Practice. Manuscript under review with JTWC. Anticipated 2020 publication. Lanius, C., Robinson, J., and Weber, R.
  • Managing the team not just the project: Using a training intervention to increase psychological safety. Manuscript in preparation with anticipated submission to IEEE-Procomm Summer 2019. Robinson, J. & Dusenberry, L.
  • Useful Usability in an Introductory Technical Communication Course: An Extended Case Study. Manuscript under review with JTWC. Anticipated 2020 publication. Robinson, J.
VUElab eye-tracking
VUElab workshop 2018